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This is what an Unacceptably Sized Fashion Blogger looks like. Let’s break it down.

  1. Good skirt, camisole - base of any super good, super comfortable outfit, am I right? (You can’t see the sweater-leggings I’m rocking below - PAJAMAS AS CLOTHES FOREVER)
  2. Natural-But-Not-Really pose. It’s taken me three years to get THIS far, and yet I still have so far to go in the exciting world of vanity photos.
  3. Strange, cropped, sorta-awkward-but-sorta-great shirt sent to us by American Apparel - size small (which, for American Apparel, usually means size XXS to L), so what should probably be a sheer shell turned into a jewel-toned fiesta crop-top. 


50% of the time we receive product for review, it’s all in XS or S. Neither of us are anywhere near that size… but it appears that we are the fashion blogging minority on that front.

(PS, American Apparel - if you’d like you ever check in with us about our actual size [being that we’re not, you know, cookie cutter fashion people, and all], we’re totally down for that.)